ANIRUDDHA is a Sanskrit word (very old indian language), meaning:
'unobstructed' and 'selfwilled'.

Aniruddha is one of many names for the Hindu gods Shiva and Vishnu;
and it is also the name of an Arhat (an enlightened master in Buddhism and
Jainism), a contemporary of Buddha Sakyamuni.

However, my name is well known in connection to
a mythological tale found in the ancient Indian text,
Bhagavat Purana:

Usha, the daughter of the Asura King Bana, fell deeply in love with a handsome
young prince in her dream. Usha's companion Chitralekha painted many portraits
and finally identified the prince Aniruddha, the son of Pradyumna and grandson
of Lord Krishna.
With the help of Chitralekha, Usha had Aniruddha abducted from his palace in the
City of Dwaraka. As Aniruddha was delighted by the beauty of Usha, he stayed on

and they both married in secret. Many happy days past, but her father finally found out and imprisoned Aniruddha. At the same time Lord Krishna was informed by the saint Narada of Aniruddhas fate. Thus Lord Krishna set out with his army to rescue his grandson.
However, Shiva had promised King Bana

his protection and had to come to his aid, but in the end Lord Krishna was victorius
in the battle. With the gods fighting against each other the war ended with Krishna
sparing and forgiving Bana, who in return set
Aniruddha free. Usha and Aniruddha
returned to Dwaraka with Lord Krishna and
happily spend their life there.